How to increase vertical jump

Recently, more and more people are becoming curious about how to increase vertical jump, and for good reason. In this day and age, increasing your vertical jump is quickly becoming a necessity no matter what type of athlete you are. In order to achieve your goal of increasing your vertical jump, you need to undertake the proper training. In order to gain an edge over a competing opponent, you must make sure your muscular, skeletal and neurological systems are all highly developed and working closely in tandem. Increasing vertical jump is an easy, but it's well worth the effort.

The key component of increasing your vertical jump is of course building basic muscle strength. In order to increase the explosive power of your muscles, you need to engage in explosive weightlifting exercises. Slow movements just won't cut it -- your muscles will get bigger and stronger, but it will not give you the explosive power you're looking for.

The king of all exercises that increase vertical jump is the squat. Done properly, squats will do wonders in increasing vertical jump ability. Though you must be careful not to injure your hip and knee joints when doing this exercise, there is no other exercise that comes close to delivering the same benefits. Make sure you fully understand how to properly do the squat before incorporating it into your training regiment. But if someone asks you how to increase vertical jump, tell them to start doing squats.

Lunges can also be useful in building up your vertical jump if you cannot or do not wish to do the squat. Lunges are sometimes easier for beginners to do, as they offer benefits even without utilizing any weights. They have the added advantage of increasing the flexibility of your legs.

It may come as a bit of a surprise that muscle flexibility is very important in increasing vertical jump. You should regularly utilize a variety of different exercises in order to increase flexibility in your muscles and joints. Studies have shown that increased flexibility and your legs and upper body is greatly effective in increasing vertical jump, adding as much as 3 to 4 inches to vertical jump height.

Weighted vests and shorts are also becoming very popular today for use in exercises designed for increasing vertical jump. Using the vests and shorts allows you to add resistance to your exercises in a way that is not disruptive ?? the weights are held close to your body and conform tightly, allowing you your full normal range of motion. Using weighted vest and shorts are a great answer to the question of how to increase vertical jump, especially if you've been training for a while and have stopped seeing gains.

However you attempt to increase your vertical jump, always make sure to exercise safely and consistently. Don?t be fooled, increasing vertical jump takes great dedication and commitment. If you wondered how to increase vertical jump, the simplest and most concise answer may very well be ?hard work.??/p>

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