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how to jump higherThese days, more athletes than ever before are interested in learning how to jump higher. Whether it's because you want to beat your friends during the local pickup basketball games or improve your chances to play professional sports, jumping higher can definitely help take your game to the next level. The question of how to jump higher has always been asked in sports circles, but is only now being approached in a truly scientific manner.

If you are a basketball player, one common reason why you might want to jump higher is to be able to dunk a basketball. The slam dunk has always been a favorite of sideline spectators at basketball games. A dunk is the ultimate competitive exclamation point, and to dunk over an opposing player is the strongest way to punctuate your domination of an opponent.

In fact, being able to jump higher is useful in most sports these days, whether you play football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, or run track. Obviously, volleyball players need to be able to jump high in order to spike the ball and roof their opponents. Football players also need to jump high for a surprising number of occasions, whether it's to make a leaping reception, block a kick, or knock down a pass as a defensive back or a pass rusher. The ability to jump higher routinely helps baseball players on defense when they need to make that leaping grab. And if you know what the terms "corner kick" and "header" mean in soccer, then you know the importance of being able to jump high. Finally, it has been proven that if you jump higher, you also run faster--there is a strong correlation between the two actions.

So let's say you are not a tall athlete--say, below 6 feet tall--and currently lack the ability to dunk a basketball or even touch the rim. Is all hope lost? Should you accept your lot in life to play "below the rim?" Definitely not. It has been proven that you can condition your muscles and your nervous system to increase your vertical to levels you've only dreamed about. And it doesn't matter what your ethnicity is or what percentage of your muscle fibers are fast twitch or slow's been proven that hard work and the proper exercises will allow you to jump higher by significantly bulking up the fast twitch muscles that you do have. And exciting recent studies have even shown that slow twitch muscles can be converted to fast twitch muscles by the body depending on need.

That being said, building your vertical jump significantly takes great discipline and a lot of work. Obviously, to jump higher you have to work out the largest muscle group in your legs, the quadriceps, as well as smaller and supporting muscles such as your calves. However, developing proper technique also plays a large role in helping you increase your vertical jump, as does building upper body strength, including your shoulders (surprisingly), and especially your abs.

Performing the proper exercises is key to increasing your vertical leap. These days, plyometrics is all the rage, and for good reason--it has been proven to make you jump higher, provided you do it correctly. In addition, you need to incorporate a variety of different types of strength and power exercises. One movement you must become intimately familiar with is the squat. Researchers have confirmed a high correlation between vertical jump ability and the amount of weight you can squat. The muscles and techniques used in the squat comprise an essential component of how to jump higher.

But be smart, and take care of your body. In your quest to learn how to jump higher, don't forget to always make safety your first priority. It'll do you no good to be able to jump higher by 20 inches if you cut short your sports career by decades by ruining your knees or ankles. Always warm up and cool down, and take it easy when starting any new exercise regimen. Most importantly, be consistent...countless people want to know how to jump higher, but only a few put in the work and effort required to take their vertical jump to new heights.

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