Jump Manual

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jump manualWebsite: Jump Manual
Training Material Quality: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 200% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $129 $67 - On Sale $62 off ($9.95 for monthly coaching)

Impressive. That word sums up the Jump Manual. This relatively new-kid-on-the-block has blasted its way to the top spot, easily pushing aside even the vaunted Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett (which had been our top-ranked product for the past 2 years). The Jump Manual training system approaches the goal of increasing your vertical leap by attacking a full 9 different aspects of training, all of which will each give you some vertical jump gains. Combined together, these 9 facets of jump training give you an explosive overall gain shown to be consistent for a wide sample of athletes.

You are guaranteed to increase your vertical leap by at least 10 inches within 12 weeks, with additional gains if you continue your training. Most athletes surpass the 10 inches, with some having achieved 24+ inch gains (can you imagine what you can do if you could 2 feet higher?). If you are truly serious about elevating your game, the Jump Manual is an outstanding and effective program that is well worth the modest investment.

So far, hundreds of athletes have already met and surpassed their goals of increasing their vertical leap since the training was released in early 2008. Jacob Hiller, the creator of the program, has pledged to give you double your money back if you are not satisfied with your vertical leap gains (and by the way, he increased his own vertical leap to 44 inches using his system). Considering that you have 60 days risk-free to try it out, we think purchasing the Jump Manual is a definite no-brainer.


Vertical Jump Bible

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vertical jump development bibleWebsite: Vertical Jump Bible
Training Material Quality: Very Good
After-Sales Support: Excellent
Guarantee:100% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $97 $39.99 - On Sale $57 off

The Vertical Jump Bible is our second pick. Developed by Kelly Baggett, a 5 foot 9 inch white man who personally increased his vertical from 23 to 42 inches, this program combines completeness and value. It contains much of the effectiveness of the Jump Manual but at a lower cost, at just under 40 dollars at this time (normally 97 dollars). There's no doubt this package offers great bang-for-the-buck among all the programs we've reviewed.

The Vertical Jump Bible takes a holistic approach to increasing your vertical, covering the mental, physical, and psychological factors that all contribute to helping you jump higher. Expect to realistically gain 8 inches by the completion of this program, depending on your current vertical. The important thing is that you must finish the entire program and not slack off. The Vertical Jump Bible comes with 3 bonuses and a 90 day money back guarantee. You can read an exclusive Kelly Baggett interview here.


The Vertical Project

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double your verticalWebsite: The Vertical Project
Training Material Quality: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Good
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee + $100
Price: $495

The Vertical Project comes in at number three. Developed by Luke Lowrey (another white man with a 41 inch vertical), and endorsed by recognized figures such as Nike trainer Ganon Baker, The Vertical Project claims to be the most comprehensive and complete jumping program ever developed. As in everyday life, you do get what you pay for--but this program may be out of reach for most at close to 500 dollars. However, there have been various sale offers being made regarding this product recently, so be sure to check out the official site to get the latest price.

Despite this program's exaggerated claims that promises you will "double your vertical"--which is VERY unlikely unless your vertical is less than 20 inches right now--this program has actually shown itself to be one of the most effective ones on the market. This is an advanced course that is more suitable for those who play a lot of sports already. It's perfect for "hard gainers" who are having trouble adding those extra inches to their vertical.

If you're brand new to vertical jump training, get ready to WORK HARD...but if you put forth the required effort, you can realistically add 10 to 16 inches to your jump with The Vertical Project. The Vertical Project comes with 5 bonuses and an ironclad money-back guarantee (if you don't gain 8 inches in 8 weeks, Luke Lowrey will refund your money plus an extra $100).

Best training programs and exercises to increase vertical:

If you want to find out how to jump higher and increase vertical jump ability, you've come to the right place. Whether you play basketball, volleyball or football, an explosive vertical leap can help you to dominate your competition. Contrary to what many people believe, your vertical leap is not limited by your genetics or skin color. True, a genetically blessed athlete can "jump out of the building" without any training whatsoever, but the average athlete can increase his or her vertical by five, 10, or even 15 inches with the proper training and diet.

The problem is that there are so many different opinions about the best way to increase vertical leap, and so many scam programs out there on the Internet that don't increase your vertical at all, and may even injure you for life! But now you can find out the exact best method proven to increase your vertical safely and effectively. We've researched the Internet for the number one program that has actually helped everyday athletes increase vertical leaping ability through documented case studies.

First, please forget about all the hype! Everybody wants to sell their product, so they will usually go overboard with the hype. But there is no way you will ever achieve a vertical leap of 50 inches and you will not double your vertical leap unless you start out with a measly vertical of around 15 inches. That being said, you will make significant gains between 4 to 16 inches by using the recommended programs if you WORK HARD and complete the training, as well as rest well and eat a healthy diet. It takes work and time! You may not realize it, but a gain of even 6 inches on your vertical is VERY noticeable and will impact your game significantly. Most people get too lazy, and only a few work hard enough to elevate their game to DOMINATE their competition. Will that be you?

Check out the boxes above to read about our most highly recommended vertical leap training programs. In addition to jump training programs such as "The Vertical Project," an athlete can utilize various devices and training aids such as strength shoes, jumpsoles (or jump soles) and the sky king calf isolator to increase vertical leap.

[Strength shoes, jumpsoles, and the sky king calf isolator are covered in our Vertical Jump Equipment Reviews section. The reviews on this page cover the "Vertical Jump Bible," "The Vertical Project," and "Power Plyos" training systems]

Also, the following is a list of vertical jump programs that we have rated to be ineffective or unsafe. These poorly rated programs are cheap for a reason -- they are all hype, or all fluff with little results, or worse -- have caused many documented cases of chronic injuries.

Not Recommended:

Not Recommended - Air Alert 3
Basically consisting of thousands of repetitive jumps, many athletes who have used this program have sustained chronic knee injuries. If you have any sort of knee or joint problems already, definitely look elsewhere. And don't be impressed by the fact that Air Alert is endorsed by NBA star Baron Davis. One of our reviewers attended the same alma mater as Baron (UCLA), and assures us that Baron already had huge hops before he ever used or endorsed this product. To be fair, some players have reported satisfactory results with this program, but the question is: is it worth the risk?

Not Recommended - AthleticAdvantage
Supposedly developed after 8 years of rigorous testing, this short program contains nothing new that cannot be found online on the Internet if you look hard enough. If you haven't done any sort of jump training at all, you will possibly see some gains from this product. However, at 37 dollars, you're much better off with one of the superior programs listed at the top of this page.

Not Recommended - GetMaxVertical
A rehash of training material that can be found online and in other packages. Again, if you have never undertaken any form of jumping training, this program may be of some benefit to you, but there are definitely much better programs available. The packaging and promotional material looks like it was designed by an amateur, but it does happen to be the lowest-priced jump training program out there at $19.50. We have found, however, that you generally get what you pay for, so be warned.

Final Words

After you choose a solid training program, make sure you train hard consistently and safely, and eat and rest well. Remember, you must rest your muscles in order for them to grow. If you want to increase vertical jump ability, be diligent and work hard, and you will amaze yourself by how much and how quickly you can jump higher!

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