Power Plyos Review

Power Plyos is a very concise, no-frills guide that is best used as a 2nd round of training.

powerplyos Training Material Quality: Good
After-Sales Support: Average
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $39.97

Used by pro ABA player Jamillian Momon, Power Plyos attempts to increase your vertical jump solely through the use of plyometrics. Consequently, this course is not a complete jump training program that encompasses a full range of training techniques. That being said, it does produce results if you follow the program faithfully.

Upon completion of the course, if you follow the entire program, you can realistically expect an average 4 to 8 inches of increased vertical. Power Plyos is priced nearly the same as the Vertical Jump Bible at $39.97, without offering the same breadth or depth of information. But if you have undergone any form of jump training before, Power Plyos makes an excellent second round of training to take your hops to the next level.

With a scant 7 pages of actual training material, this program is VERY concise and VERY concentrated. The content of the course consists of a series of drills and exercises, with clear diagrams and photographs to illustrate each point. The book's brevity can be both good and bad. It's good if you have gone through some training before and you already know all the terminology and fundamentals of achieving a higher vertical leap. The program gets to the point quickly and gets you off and running, diving straight to the nitty-gritty.

On the other hand, Power Plyos will not suffice as a first training program, as it does not cover any of the fundamental background material that will give you a true grasp of the science behind increasing one's vertical leap. It also does not offer the customizability of a full-featured jump training program, which makes it much less adaptable for beginners.

Full jump training programs such as the Vertical Jump Bible or The Vertical Project advise that you go through their programs again a second time in order to stack additional gains on top of the initial gains. Both programs admit however, that the gains will be much smaller the second time around. However, if you use a completely different program as the 2nd round of training, such as Power Plyos, this will tend to "shock" your muscles into new growth, as they will not be used to the new regimen.

If you are making your first jump training purchase, you are better off with Vertical Jump Bible. But as a second training program, Power Plyos can help you add crucial additional inches to your jump.

Power Plyos comes with 5 bonuses, support, free updates, and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Free Bonuses:

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Bonus #2: "Complete Height Increase Workout Video"

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Bonus #3: "Grow Taller Guide" E-book"

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Bonus #4: "50 Vertical Leap Secret Tips"

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