The Vertical Project Review

The Vertical Project is expensive but indisputably a premiere vertical training program.

vertical project Training Material Quality: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Good
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee + $100
Price: $495

Developed by Luke Lowrey (a white man with a 41 inch vertical), and endorsed by recognized figures such as Nike trainer Ganon Baker, The Vertical Project is among the most comprehensive and complete jumping program ever developed. As in everyday life, you do get what you pay for--but this program may be out of reach for most at nearly 500 dollars.

Despite this program's exaggerated claims that promises you will "double your vertical"--which is VERY unlikely unless your vertical is less than 20 inches right now--this program has proven to actually be one of the most effective ones on the market. This is an advanced course that is more suitable for those who play a lot of sports already. It's perfect for "hard gainers" who are having trouble adding those extra inches to their vertical.

With a price tag this big, you would expect big results--and The Vertical Project delivers. This first-rate training program is filled with great tips and strategies on how to increase your vertical quickly, and gives you a solid grasp of the fundamentals behind the science of jumping higher. Luke Lowrey is a bonafide expert of this field, and has worked with high profile trainers and athletes around the world.

The program itself is 15 weeks long and contains over 400 pages of excellent material. Everything is packaged and presented very professionally, with clear relevant diagrams. The training itself is the most advanced and complete of any package -- it encompasses pool work, isometrics, plyometrics, supplements, and weight training, including upper body workouts (yes, this does help your vertical). Be warned that this is a very intense program, and you will have to spend significant time in the weight room. Expect to train a whopping 6 days a week with this program. But if you are truly serious about increasing your vertical leap, and commit yourself to follow through the entire program, you will be richly rewarded.

One great thing about The Vertical Project is that it is highly customizable for athletes from different sports and different fitness levels. Multiple training paths are offered to suit your individual situation. It should be noted however that since this is an advanced program, you should be in fairly good shape before you start. Don't get this program if you're a couch potato who doesn't play any sports at this time. If you're brand new to vertical jump training, start out with the Jump Manual or Vertical Jump Bible first. Otherwise, get ready to WORK HARD...but if you put forth the required effort, you can realistically add 10 to 16 inches to your jump with The Vertical Project.

As one caveat, we highly, highly recommend you use this course in the off-season, as your muscles will have insufficient recovery and rebuilding time if you play sports too often while you are in the middle of the program.

The Vertical Project comes with 5 bonuses, support, lifetime updates, and an amazing money-back guarantee. If you don't gain at least 8 inches in 8 weeks, Luke Lowrey will refund your money AND pay you 100 dollars out of his own pocket. It's an ironclad guarantee that most other packages don't even come close to offering.

If you're truly serious about increasing your vertical, and if you can afford it, you cannot go wrong with The Vertical Project. It is expensive no doubt, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for. Chances are, you won't actually double your vertical, but you'll get those big time gains you are searching for.

If you can save up earnings to buy this program, it could be the ticket to blowing away your friends the next time basketball season rolls around and you play pickup ball with them...believe us when we say even a modest 8-inch improvement in vertical is absolutely astounding to unsuspecting opponents. If you follow this program RIGOROUSLY, we predict you'll get a minimum 10 inch gain.

The only reason we didn't rank this top-notch program higher is because, unfortunately, some people simply will not be able to afford The Vertical Project.

Free Bonuses:

Bonus #1: "The Super Secret Instant Vertical Exercise"

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Bonus #2: "Double Your Vertical Leap" Complete UPN Charts

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Bonus #3: "THE TRUTH - Optimal Health For You"

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Bonus #4: "Exercise DataBank"

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Bonus #5: "On-Going & Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades"

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Message from the owner, Luke Lowrey:

vertical project

If your sport...your athleticism...your vertical jump...and even your entire life...isn't completely transformed in less than 8 weeks...then I just don't want your money. I WANT you to ask for a full refund. No harm done. No hard feelings. We still part as friends, and I'll even post you a crisp $100 bill, too.

And that's only fair...I don't ever want to sell a product to someone that's not getting much more than the value for what they paid.

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